Spring Again

This was written in April of 2006 on a late winter’s day when Spring was just around the corner and flowers were beginning to bloom.


 Spring Again

My Mood is getting brighter for Spring is in the air

The fragrance of flowers drifts through my windows

As the sun shines everywhere

The light creeps into the corners where clothes are piled high

And glistens off the boxes of stored lights,

As I give a great big sigh

Oh a new task is at hand as I look across the room

It’s time to clean in here from the dread of Winter’s gloom

Time to freshen up the linen and put away the coats

Dust off all the ashes

And check on the baby goats

Yes Spring is in the air for every thing’s renewed

And though the tasks may be hard

It’s all in how it’s viewed


Dandelion Child


                                        Dandelion child

                                          Flaxen spirit

                                      Withholding desire

                                  Honey-laden sacrifices

                                      Purity  conquered

                                         Life reflected

                                     Love remembered

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I worked night shift for awhile, my sleeping hours where from about 9 am till about 4 pm if I was lucky. Most of the time it was about 2 or 3 hours of sleep. My husband would watch the kids while I slept, when they actually let me. I wrote this poem in honor of those rough days of sleep.


                                       My mind’s an empty valley

                                        My mind is empty space

                                     Not a blossom blooms within it

                                       Not a thought has taken place

                                     As my children rush around me

                                        and my world is upside down

                                           I put a pillow on my head

                                             to block out all the sound                                   

                                          The baby wants a cup of milk

                                             One other plays his games

                                                 The coffee boils over

                                    And I hear my husband calling names

                                                  I sit up in my bed

                                            as my eyes try to adjust

                                        My sleep has been disturbed

                                                knew it’d be a bust

                                         A breeze blows in the window

                                              My mind is unaware

                                        There’s not a thought within

                                              It’s automated here

                                       As my mind comes into focus

                                         and I try to start my day

                                    though it’s two in the afternoon

                                        and time has slipped away

                                           I have to work tonight

                                  and there is so much I need to do

                                        my thoughts turn to sleep

                               but that is something I can’t pursue

                                    The floor needs picking up

                                     and supper needs cooking

                                      I know this is a good life

                              but not from where I’m looking

                                As my baby watches cartoons

                                     and I sit upon my bed

                                   saying get up lazy body

                          There are animals that must be fed

                                 But my minds an empty void

                                 there’s not a thought within it

                                     It’s just automated here 

                                     With a little life form in it

Still Here

I wrote this poem back in the summer of 2004 after the loss of a close friend. This poem has been published.


                                                          Still Here

                               Whisper not the wind upon the goldenrod

                                  Gentle breezes blow, the dandelion nod

                                   Silent is the meadow in it shear delight

                                Bees are busy gathering, pollen in their flight

                                Memories of growing up pass the time of day

                                           As long as you are in my heart

                                                You’ve never gone away

Hello world!

I have been writing poetry for about 4 years. Some of them have been published. Please do not copy or use my poetry without asking my permission.

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