I worked night shift for awhile, my sleeping hours where from about 9 am till about 4 pm if I was lucky. Most of the time it was about 2 or 3 hours of sleep. My husband would watch the kids while I slept, when they actually let me. I wrote this poem in honor of those rough days of sleep.


                                       My mind’s an empty valley

                                        My mind is empty space

                                     Not a blossom blooms within it

                                       Not a thought has taken place

                                     As my children rush around me

                                        and my world is upside down

                                           I put a pillow on my head

                                             to block out all the sound                                   

                                          The baby wants a cup of milk

                                             One other plays his games

                                                 The coffee boils over

                                    And I hear my husband calling names

                                                  I sit up in my bed

                                            as my eyes try to adjust

                                        My sleep has been disturbed

                                                knew it’d be a bust

                                         A breeze blows in the window

                                              My mind is unaware

                                        There’s not a thought within

                                              It’s automated here

                                       As my mind comes into focus

                                         and I try to start my day

                                    though it’s two in the afternoon

                                        and time has slipped away

                                           I have to work tonight

                                  and there is so much I need to do

                                        my thoughts turn to sleep

                               but that is something I can’t pursue

                                    The floor needs picking up

                                     and supper needs cooking

                                      I know this is a good life

                              but not from where I’m looking

                                As my baby watches cartoons

                                     and I sit upon my bed

                                   saying get up lazy body

                          There are animals that must be fed

                                 But my minds an empty void

                                 there’s not a thought within it

                                     It’s just automated here 

                                     With a little life form in it


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