Spring Again

This was written in April of 2006 on a late winter’s day when Spring was just around the corner and flowers were beginning to bloom.


 Spring Again

My Mood is getting brighter for Spring is in the air

The fragrance of flowers drifts through my windows

As the sun shines everywhere

The light creeps into the corners where clothes are piled high

And glistens off the boxes of stored lights,

As I give a great big sigh

Oh a new task is at hand as I look across the room

It’s time to clean in here from the dread of Winter’s gloom

Time to freshen up the linen and put away the coats

Dust off all the ashes

And check on the baby goats

Yes Spring is in the air for every thing’s renewed

And though the tasks may be hard

It’s all in how it’s viewed


1 Comment

  1. March 16, 2016 at 11:39 am

    Your language is strong and thoughts are deep. Liked it.

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